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24 heures du Mans

The Visual TV's reputation is still on top. This season, we renew our works on the "24 heures du Mans" (auto & moto) and on "Le Mans Series" races.

That's official, Visual TV is this year again, the provider of the "24 heures du Mans". Our efforts and our taste for innovation are attractive. On the agenda : the "24 heures du Mans moto" the 18th of April, and the "24 heures du Mans auto" the 12th and 13th of June (for the first time in HD). Like last year, and in HD quality, Visual TV will operate on "Le Mans Series" races.
Five events are already planned : le Castelet (10th of April), Spa (May), Portugal (July), Hungaria (August) and Silverstone, England (September).

24 heures du Mans

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