Nos moyens de production

Every production requires resources that measure up to your demands, and this is why all filming and broadcasting setups are conceivable. To devise services across France or around the world, we provide suitable resources such as mobile control rooms, control room trucks, motorbikes and helicopters.

For programmes filmed in the studio, we have established a unique offer. Ideally located, accessible, ergonomically designed, and benefiting from ultra-modern equipment, our seven studios encompass a complete range of 20 sets.

The adoption of new broadcasting formats on both big and small screens, combined with new television practices, explain the need to provide you with the digital resources (Media Centre, iCAR) necessary for remote storing, enhancement and post-production. 

Our desire to bring you a non-standard high-frequency transmission channel for the most ambitious productions led us to establish a major partnership with WorldLinX Alliance. Aeroplanes are now becoming true transmission relays.

Our whole offer could never have come into being without the expertise and presence of mind of our Research and Development department, which, together with you, devises the television of tomorrow. 

Moyens de production