RF aircraft

Partenariat WorldLinX Alliance - Hautes fréquences

Thanks to our partnership with WorldLinX Alliance, AMP VISUAL TV has two BEECHCRAFT B200 relay aircraft at its disposal.

Avion HF B200

  • These aircraft have pressurised cabins and can fly at an altitude of up to 33,000ft  (which means they can operate in any weather conditions).
  • Flight speeds are between 180 and 550kph.
  • The aircraft are each equipped with a cargo pod able to accommodate up to 7 motorised-casing, GPS-servo-controlled antennae.
  • One 2.5-metre mast with motorised-casing, GPS-servo-controlled antenna for live transmissions at distances of 100km.
  • 18 UHF/VHF antennae for communications and GPS.
  • Two identical aircraft to ensure redundancy.
  • All the equipment is EASA certified.


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