To connect filming locations with viewers' TV screens, we offer a very full range of image and programme transmission systems.

Satellite links, fibre-optic cable, GSM networks, in video or IP... each solution is capable of meeting specific needs. The choice of transmission system will be determined largely by technical, cost and flexibility constraints.

Optimisation is the key word, which is why we cooperate closely with our international "Research&Development" department to bring you the best possible transmission facilities. AMP VISUAL TV has developed a full range of systems employing the latest technology.

  • Satellite transmission

IXI LIVE, our specialised company in the field of satellite transmission, possesses 7 transmission units.

  • Fibre-optic transmission

Many filming locations are now equipped with fibre-optic cables for the transmission of images. Sites can also be specially equipped for this purpose.

  • 4G transmission

AMP VISUAL TV also undertakes to transmit via the GSM network. This solution provides total flexibility and enables a single operator to transmit live or recorded material using ultra-light equipment. A very useful application for news broadcasting. Find out more.

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