3G/4G transmission

Transmitting in all circumstances

Being able to broadcast anywhere at any time is no longer a pipe dream. AMP VISUAL TV offers a fully operational filming and broadcasting system using the 3G, H+ and 4G networks.

Operating principle

By cleverly coupling several SIM cards in order to convey images to our media control room, the system can benefit from the amazing geographical coverage of the telephone network. Above all, the system can be accommodated in a "simple" back-pack weighing less than 4kg. It provides not only the ideal solution for filming and broadcasting SD / HD images on the move, but is also the perfect back-up tool in the event of conventional facilities breaking down. AMP VISUAL TV has also developed a complementary application for integrating (live) iPhone or iPad shots into the same workflow.

Transmission 3G 4GTransmission 3G 4G


Transmission 3G 4G feature