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AMP VISUAL TV has established the first VIBOX remote connectivity in partnership with Eurovision Media Services.

On Wednesday 13th of September, AMP VISUAL TV demonstrated its expertise in remote production. A new generation "Icar" outside broadcast unit was setup in Geneva and fully controlled from our Media centre in Paris. This was achieved through a managed IP trunk of the Eurovision Global Fibre Network (FiNE). .
This technological approach means remote production can be carried out while keeping non prohibitive costs regarding the network usage by transmitting distantly only the production feeds.
As the VIBOX system integrated a distant control in Geneva, of the vision mixer, the audio console and the graphics generator as well; it has allowed to reduce the transmission activity to the single program feed, supplemented by few data and intercom connectivity.
This "proof of concept" was carried out using the Eurovision Media Services infrastructure and let's expect a lot of new potential. From AMP VISUAL TV's Media centre, it is now absolutely reasonable to think that a single production team, based in Paris, could be linked to several different broadcast units distantly remoted.
Technical Director of AMP VISUAL TV, François Valadoux adds: "We are very proud to have achieved this "Première" with Eurovision Media Services. This allows remote production to be seen from a new perspective and opens up genuine possibilities to offer our clients a wider range of services in an evolutive market."


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