Studio Gabriel

Studio Gabriel is at the lower end of the Champs-Elysées, right in the heart of Paris. Its facilities include a fixed HD control room, a 5.1 mixing auditorium, twenty or so dressing-rooms, a catering area and storage space for scenery. The venue is equipped with a 430 m² set with below-grid clearance of 5 metres. It can accommodate 350 to 500 spectators in TV or Convention version.

Studio Gabriel stands on a dedicated site. To arrange a visit, please click on the following web address:

Address :
9, avenue Gabriel
Pavillon Gabrie
75008 Paris

Post production offices : 3

Production offices: 1

Catering : 1

Lodges + lodges VIP : 14 + 1

Cloakroom : 1

WIFI access : yes