Our priority is to support our clients in the on-going adventure of television broadcasting by applying our expertise efficiently and synergically, adopting the best technology available and making good use of our highly qualified personnel. For this reason, AMP VISUAL TV devotes 9% of its investment budget to researching and developing new solutions for TV production.

We have always played a key role in the major technical advances that have transformed television programme-making: the digital revolution, the introduction of HD and UHD (4K/UHD), and now 3D relief. Our teams were the first to work on the integration of new technologies into the workflows of your broadcasts.

R&D, special studies, technical auditing and our unrivalled experience of filming for television enable us to support our clients in the implementation of avant-garde TV technologies, such as our Media Center's remote control production solution, or the asynchronic capture of images thanks to our "Autocam Sport" system.

A philosophy

To develop effective solutions, AMP VISUAL TV draws on its wealth of experience and participates energetically in collective initiatives to apply new standards to TV production (HD FORUM, 3D LIVE, etc.). Working on an exclusive basis with the manufacturers, we are performing scaled-up tests on future standards, such as 4K.

Europe-wide resources

We share all our technical resources with our partners, working together to develop innovative solutions. We now have an international R&D department which, in conjunction with manufacturers and the University of Applied Sciences of Lausanne, is designing and developing the technologies of the future.




3 aspects to our work

Operating solutions
Skilfully combining different technologies to devise relevant, innovative solutions.

Working with manufacturers to make better use of the technological innovations available.

Working with research centres for the emergence of new standards and applications.