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  • Spectacles vivants

    Cameras among the footlights

    AMP VISUAL TV has built up its reputation for filming live shows over more than 20 years. For two decades, we have filmed over 200 events a year and supported producers through all the developments in this sector. AMP VISUAL TV now offers the most comprehensive service, with every solution to...

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  • Arc de triomphe 2016

    The Prix Qatar Arc de Triomphe: a billion TV viewers

    This is one of television's most watched global events. The Prix Qatar Arc de Triomphe is also a real technical challenge for TV, involving six OB trucks sending out the feeds to channels around the world. AMP VISUAL TV provided miles and miles of cables, total mastery of RF, and faultless...

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    RF Factory at the World Cycling Championships

    The International Cycling Union chose Doha for its Road World Championships. RF Factory, the HF department of AMP VISUAL TV, was commissioned by Eurovision Production Coordination to roll out the entire RF system for this Mondovision filming operation. It was proof, if it were needed, of our...

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