The first European company dedicated to 360 Live production. 

AMP VISUAL TV and DIGITAL IMMERSION have joined forces to create 360 FACTORY, Europe's first company devoted to 360-degree live film production. By pooling their skill-sets, the two companies are have brought a unique player to the French market, one that is able to meet the growing demand generated by new immersive technologies.

360-degree technology uses special camerawork systems to virtually create a video bubble inside which the viewer can interact using glasses or a simple mobile screen. The immersive sensation is striking and offers significant potential for audiovisual creation.


The new 360 FACTORY company takes things a step further, allowing producers to offer this technology live.

Combined proven expertise.

"Over the past 30 years, AMP VISUAL TV has emerged as one of Europe's leading televised filming companies. The company has always strived to stay ahead of the major broadcasting trends," explains Business Development Strategy Director Stéphane Déry. "Over the last few years we have worked on a huge number of VR360 projects with the support of DIGITAL IMMERSION, the French specialist in this type of filming."

The client list for this double helping of experience and expertise includes major broadcasters such as TF1, BeIn SPORTS, Canal+ and France Télévisions.

"Experience is a key component of this technology," explains Julien Levy, Digital Immersion's Technical Director. "Combining our own skills with the shared ones brought to the table enables us to stay ahead of the game."

With the workflows having been fine-tuned, the two companies have now announced the joint venture they have set up in order to bring these services to the market on a larger scale.

360 FACTORY will offer clients all full-package turnkey solutions, from recording and post-production to streaming.