RF solutions

RF FACTORY, department of AMP VISUAL TV, is specialised in deploying bespoke RF based solutions. A singular approach, flexible support, whatever the issues or the complexity of the resources deployed.

RF resources are now essential for ambitious television programs to provide exceptionnal points of view and sequencies. AMP VISUAL TV is one of the first and few European providers to master and organise the deployment of a RF coverage, from the simplest to the most complex challenges, from short to long range.

Short range 

Light equipment for high-quality images in stadiums or TV sets. All the advantages of a wired camera (tally, orders, feedback) with added flexibility.

Medium range

For more complex operations (horse races, race tracks etc.) these devices combine flexibility and complexity. By combining, RF IP, remote control and FO networks, AMP VISUALTV make it possible to combine a vast number of RF sources for major set-ups.

Long range

For events  that take plce over large terrains over long distances (cycling, marathons, triathlons, rallies, etc.), AMP VISUAL TV has developed systems that combine extremely robust modulation and coding for high performance and high-quality stable images - regardless of environmental conditions. Using relay pressurised aircraft, we can cover events over a radius of 100km.

RF Factory: our team and resources

Established in 1994, the AMP VISUAL TV RF unit is composed of 20 specialists devoted entirely to creating and operating the best solutions to meet the needs of producers and broadcasters. They have 50 digital wireless audio transmissions, a dozen RF motorcycles, certified aircraft and helicopter kits, 3 RF OB vans and 2 RF fly away receivers. As a founding member of WorldLinx Alliance, AMP VISUAL TV also operates two Beechcraft 200. 
AMP VISUAL TV covers RF activities in the domain of athletics, cycling, sailing and motor sports, for wich we are now globaly renowned.

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