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AMP VISUAL TV more and more present in the Middle East

Tour du Qatar -1

AMP VISUAL TV, French TV service provider and leader in RF facilities, offers a set of new resources and expertise for short, medium and very long distance RF events in Middle East. AMP VISUAL TV provides the region the resources and expertise for exceptional TV coverage.

AMP VISUAL TV offers French excellence for sports events in the Middle East, thanks to their expertise and their dedicated RF resources (RF connections, RF motorcycles, gyro-stabilised cameras, on-board cameras, etc.). Based in Dubai, these tools ensure the teams and resources are ready and raring for all the region's filming needs.

AMP VISUAL TV is prepared for any televised events in need of RF transmissions: from the simplest projects to the most complex, such as motorsports, endurance, cycling and sailing races; as well as various events, air shows, running races, and more.

As such, over the last few months, AMP VISUAL TV has taken part in the Tour of Qatar (cycling), the Tour of Oman (cycling), the Dubai Marathon, the World Series Triathlon (Abu Dhabi), the FIA World Endurance Championship (Bahrein), the FIA World Touring Car Championship (Qatar), as well as providing Canal+ with a private channel for the F1 racing (Abu Dhabi), and endurance horse and camel races in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, etc.

In addition to its several years of involvement in filming in the region, in 2015 AMP VISUAL TV has been working with 7 Production to expand the range of technical TV services available in the United Arab Emirates. 7 Production and AMP VISUAL TV have come together to offer a set of new resources and expertise for short, medium and very long distance RF events.

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